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Why we love Idols!

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Idols and Idol groups are another well loved troupe in anime and games. They sing, dance, act and make appearances on on variety shows. These jacks of all trades seem almost too good to be true, right?

In Japan, Korea, and some other parts of the world, Idols or Idol groups are manufactured by talent agencies. They tend to be promoted as "cute". They are made to be role models for young people and must maintain a spotless public image. Most likely due to the image of cute innocence, they are not usually seen as "serious" actors or musicians. 

On the other hand, idols in anime or games can range from being fairly similar to the idols mentioned above, to much more prominent figures who are more comparable to members of j-pop or k-pop groups we find in real life.There is one thing that stands out in idol series though. These young, attractive people who have some driving force that makes them want to work hard and become the best they can be!

          Love Live! Idol School Project Anime Game Moe Girls School Uniforms Cute

Love Live! is a multimedia project spanning across manga, anime, games, and a series of light novels. It features a group of young girls working together to save their school from closing, by becoming the school idol group 'muse'. Their goals only went up from there and they strive to win the "Love Live" school idol competition for schools across the country. 

Though these girls have all banded together for a cause, their personalities aren't as cookie cutter as you might think. Nico fits the bill, being interested in fashion design as does Maki who is a talented pianist and composer. But then you realize there are girls who are very focused on their studies for various reasons, into sports or into martial arts and calligraphy. With varied interests there's no wonder it took a while for this group of adorable idols to come together. 

Though certainly not an unpopular series, Love Live really picked up speed after the release and popularization of the rhythm game "Love Live! Idol School Festival". Like most rhythm games, you have the ability to tap along to your favorite songs by these idol girls. In the story mode, you have the added bonus of being able to manage them as idols a bit, so it's more like you're a part of their world. After all, who doesn't want to spend more time with their favorite pals or waifu?

                    Love Live! School idol Project Festival Game Anime Moe Girls Idols Cute

For those more interested in male idols, look no further than Uta No☆Prince-Sama. Another multimedia project, it spans across manga, seven different otome games, two rhythm games and an anime who's third season is coming out in April of 2015. Unlike the girls from Love Live, the idols in Uta No☆Prince-Sama go to a school dedicated to idols and the composers who support them. What's the catch? Under absolutely NO circumstances are you allowed to fall in love. 

This school is taught by both working and formal idols and really displays how hard these young people have to work in order to be considered idol quality. Our heroine is in the composition course and as time goes on, her music touches the hearts of six boys at her school. Though each of them are interested in her becoming their composer, she finds each of their music to be wonderful in their own way. Despite the struggles they face to get there, they come together to form the group ST☆RISH (pronounced star-ish). 

Similar to the girls in Love Live, the boys in Uta No☆Prince-Sama work hard as idols to be considered for the Uta☆Pri awards. Graduation was only the beginning for ST☆RISH. Each member has to become successful as an idol to help their idol group thrive and gain notice. Along the way, they get advice from 'Quartet Night', a group under the same idol company. Now a seven member group, gaining the 'A' to STARISH, they are ready to show the world that they're idols who truly want to change the world through music that comes from the heart. 

     Uta No Prince Sama japanese anime  Nanami Haruka from Uta no Prince-Sama

More and more anime have been going above and beyond in terms of the media they cover. Idol series seem to be especially wonderful in regards of character songs. The actors who voice each of these characters sing songs that their character would likely sing. For these idol characters, some of the songs are actually featured in the anime or games, where others are exclusive to these albums. They aren't all singles either. Sometimes duets or group songs featuring voice combinations you might not have expected are released. 

Personally, I'm a huge fan of the idol troupe and am not ashamed to say that I probably have more Uta No☆Prince-Sama music than I do pretty much anything else on my mp3 player. These multi-level, multimedia characters really take on a life of their own when you see and hear them in so many forms. So if you still have any question as to why we love idols? Well...if I had to sum it up, I would say we love them because they come from different backgrounds and come together to produce something really wonderful. Their passions live on in those of us who experience it. 

StStarish from uta no prince sama

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