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What a 1st year! .........look back at Cutesykink

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Cutesykink's first year

I honestly never thought I would get as far as I have, with what was just a bit of a dream really. I thought you may like to see just what you can do with a little bit of imagination and one lot of determination. 

I thought it be nicer for you to see my journey and Cutesykink's in photos rather than me waffling on - from day one to almost at an end of 2014!

I don't know what 2015 has in store for Cutesykink just yet.....well I do but its top secret for now 
^_~ , but I can promise one huge amount of cute, sprinkles of kawaii and lots and lots of clothes!!

I want to thank everyone for the amazing support, the gifts, the well wishes and most of all  - liking my store.

Much love <3 Sally xx



An empty Cutesykink   Cutesykink logo
sally at factory
An empty space waiting to be filled A name and a dream and a logo Trip to the other side of the World delving into fashion
artwork by Roselee

Design stage website

Finishing touches of Cutesykink
Artwork design being created 

by Rosuuri - Cutesy's are born

Six anime style girls ^^

Website "Take 100..." >_< lots of tweeks Finishing touches - flyers for Cutesykink


Shipment arrives Huge amount of clothing Too many clothes!
Shipment arrives ^_^ and can't move
Total chaos behind the scenes!
Clothes clothes everywhere!! Think we need some shelves pronto
Sally at London Edge Cutesykink rails Cutesykink swing tags
London Edge learning the ropes
Fashion is a little bit different ...
Getting there! We now have rails! Cutesykink clothing swing tags made


Cutesykink website sjot Mounds of cute and kawaii DanniCompetition winner
1st of March launch day ^^ website goes live for first time Cute overload - new arrivals Twitter competition time - met Danni soon to be model!


Photoshoot in progress Danni and Megan Megan as punk girl
Soarise comes to Cutesykink to do a photoshoot  Behind the scenes with Megan and Danni Megan first ever photo shoot - I love these images of the girls


Cutesykink banners Aisha at MCM Expo Cutesykink stand at MCM
Huge 6ft posters deigned and printed  First ever pop up stand at MCM Expo and Alisha comes to say hello   London MCM Expo Cutesykink stand


MYM Mag feature More kawaii arrivals
We are featured in MyM Mag - proud moment More Cuteness arrives


Hyper Japan Cutesykink at Hyper Japan Sarah out blogger
Cutesykink's first time at Hyper Japan Compact and bijou our popup stand at Hyper Japan Met some amazing people for first time Cyten, Tartan Kawaii and Sarah!


shoe heaven Cutesykink launch anime section
Shoes - my favourite of all items reach the UK And the long awaited Anime section is launched


Aisha Anime in Japan Cute anime and kawaii toys Competion with Cyten
Aisha Anime goes to Japan and
we provide clothing for event
Not more cute!! Yes more cute arrives! Team up with Cyten for Anime


Cutesykink Nyan Nyan range Neko Creation Nyan Nyan artwork BBC Newsbeat
Range Nyan Nyan is born - new style of clothing to add to our shop Teamed up with the amazing Neko Creations to create swing tags and graphics for new range We are featured on BBC Newsbeat


BBC Radio and Cutesykink about kawaii More NyanNyan from Cutesykink Cosplay and wigs section
Interview live on BBC radio about
Nyan Nyan part two - more cute and kawaii clothing  Anime section expands to cosplay too


Jemie Cutesykink Model We are in Japan Realm Cutesy kink in Schon
We meet the stunning
Jemie Chan new model for
Cutesykink she fits perfectly ^^
We are in Japan Realm! a real proud moment thank you Palma San x Featured in Schon Magazine!!! 

Until next year ...................lets hope its a good one xxx <3

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