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Waiter......there's something cute in my coffee.......

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Decorating the top of your favourite hot drink has now become expected when we pop into our regular coffee shop for a takeout. Seeing a pretty stencilled picture nestled in cocoa powder on top of the frothy milk is guaranteed to put a smile (and a moustache) on the glumest of faces. You can also guarantee that Japan will be one step ahead!

We're used to seeing the coffee bean or inital in our hot drinks but who wouldn't like to find these cutesy little puffs of marshmallow in theirs?  

kitten-marshmallows in coffee

These adorable little marshmallow moggies are the pets of the fabulous Yawahada marshmallow shop. Affectoinately called the "Cafe Cat", these totally Kawaii kitties sit in your hot drink of choice and peek out at you.....before you munch them all up! Well, do you honestly think they will last long enough to melt?

cute paw marshmallow in coffee

Something else that caught my eye was the "latte paws". These deliciously pawfect marshmallows float in your hot milk and melt to infuse the flavours of milk tea, cocoa or matcha. 

Big fan of Rilakkuma as we are? How about popping these fab creations, courtesy of San-x, into the top of your mug?

san-x rilakkuma coffee toppers  

Deco Latte Coffee Art Sheets Set of Rilakkuma

Yep, we're excited too! These are simply little wafers that dissolve into Rilakkumas adorable little bear face but make the most of them, after a few minutes the image slowly disappears into your drink, leaving a warm fuzzy feeling and no fluffy moustache.

These are yet to be readily available in the UK. The marshmallows are available through the Tenso shopping service but we may have to wait to see Rilakkumas cute little face staring up from our coffee. 

But that's ok, I can make do with my Rilakkuma mug for now :)

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