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VOCALOID Captures our Hearts with Song.

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                   VOCALOID Cosplay Convention Group Photo

The voice synthesizing program VOCALOID includes many singers who its fans know and love. The most recognizable icon of the group is the teal haired Hatsune Miku, who has appeared all over the media both in Japan where she originated and across the world. She has even performed live concerts as a projection, starting her concert tours in August 2009, and even more recently touring America in October 2014 as well as being featured on American television. 

Stemming from her success, as well as the growing knowledge of her fellow vocaloids, they are becoming ever more popular. Going to a local media store or anime convention you're likely to see her on t-shirts and other memorabilia. Miku is beloved by many fans who will show their love by cosplaying her or buying merchandise that remind them of the twin-tailed diva. 
    Miku Hatsune Leek Umbrella Cosplay Shirt VOCALOID Miku Hatsune Plush Leek Cosplay VOCALOID Rin Kagamine Shirt Cosplay VOCALOID

It's amazing how such a dynamic character can start out as a voice software and a single box art! Though that's a big part of what makes Hatsune Miku and the other vocaloids so popular. They allow us to be creative. To make music, dress up, sing and dance to the songs and help a character to evolve.

Their lack of previously established character doesn't only help out the fans in identifying with the characters either. VOCALOID 'singers' can cover a variety of genres of music and range from a quirky robotic voice, to a range that sounds so similar to an actual human that someone might not be able to tell. It's completely up to the creators what they want to do with these voices. Developers are even continuing to improve on their software to make greater versions of the characters we already adore!

Crypton's vocaloids have become some of the most well known VOCALOID characters. The young twins Kagamine Rin and Len, ice cream loving KAITO, the mature MEIKO, the feminine Megurine Luka and the widely beloved Hatsune Miku. 
Internet Co., Ltd. 's vocaloids are often heard singing alongside Crypton's, especially Kamui Gakupo (Gackpoid) and GUMI (Megpoid) who's popularity are on par with the others in the fan community. 

Senbonzakura Len Kagamine Cosplay VOCALOID Hatsune Miku Cosplay VOCALOID oceancosplay as Kagamine Len from Senbonzakura               NekoCreations as Hatsune Miku               mousiechan as Kagamine Rin

VOCALOID performing Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu's  "Pom Pom Pom"...

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