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There's a bit of "Magical Girl" in all of us.

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                         Sailor Moon Scouts Inner Senshi Magical Girls Anime

One of the anime tropes that will always have a warm place in its fan's hearts is the "Magical Girl" anime. Their vibrant casts of young women can appeal to a broader audience than many other anime troupes. 

Magical Girl anime have a variety in their protagonists who are very relatable to young girls. From the energetic yet ditsy leaders to the quiet smart types who show their strength when it's needed most. From girly girls to tomboys, as well was girls of different socioeconomic levels. The characters that make up the main heroines in this sort of series are just as colourful as their bright uniforms tend to be! 

Each of these groups of girls has a theme to match their bold coloured uniform. The girls in Sailor Moon are all named for the planets in Earth's solar system. In Tokyo Mew Mew each one is a Red Data animal and the girls all work at a cafe under the title name. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch has mermaid idols. Each theme suits their world in fun ways that make each show different enough to keep us excited, but still sharing those key elements that make these girls magical. 

         Tokyo Mew Mew Power Magical Girls Anime           Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Magical Girls Anime

Another aspect that makes them more relatable is that unlike the strong women in some action type anime, magical Girls aren't always fighting crime. Outside of their conflicts, these are average girls who fall in love, worry over tests, care about their family members and even work part-time jobs. They're regular teenage girls who have become extraordinary one way or another and balance their normal lives with that of a magical heroine.

Their lives outside of crime fighting might occasionally get in the way, or even be at risk due to these foes figuring out what these girls' identities are and how they can be exploited. As in reality these girls have strong relationships with their family or friends. Antagonists realize this and might try to use it as leverage, but these girls come together and save the day like always, even if for that brief moment, it may seem like the stakes are higher than ever to them. 

Sailor Moon Casual School Girls Magical Uniform Anime   Tokyo Mew Mew Maid Cafe Uniforms Magical Girl Anime

No matter what form they take, Magical girls are always defending the peace of earth from some outside source threatening to destroy its balance. Even while fighting these magical girls tend to show both strength and compassion. When faced with their opponents these girls have it in their hearts to try resolving things peacefully. After they are attacked they are firm in their decision to protect the planet their friends, family and loved ones call home.  

Through all their battles and off time our heroines build lasting friendships that bridge gaps like age, social status or personality type. Friendships that would doubtfully have occurred if not for them being brought together by the power that spurs them. And that, to me...is the most magical thing about these series. 

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