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Candy Rain

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Candy Rain brought to you by Cutesykink

UK official stockists 

The Candy Rain brand was born in 2010, so in fashion terms a pretty new style, and is a fusion of cute, Hime, Fairy Kei, Gyaru and Mori girl Japanese trends. All the designs are original and created by Candy Rain's expert team, conceived from sketch drawings and born into beautiful masterpieces of elegance. 

Cutesykink are honoured to be the only UK's official stockist and our team really enjoyed their visit this year to meet the company and see the dreamy pink offices!! Yes pink offices, in fact everything was pink!! The team of designers were hand embroidering these pretty dresses as they showed us around - it was just amazing to see. Shame we were all soaked through as we got caught in the worst rain storm we had ever experienced >_< 

The designs are exquisite; delicate dresses, skirts and blouses, the attention to detail is astounding and the finish and the high quality fabrics used are what make these outfits particularly special. 

Candy Rain by Cutesykink

Hime (姫) is a Japanese word meaning princess and this can be clearly seen in the styles because they are refined and elegant and almost regal in appearance.

Candy Rain by Cutesykink

Candy Rain by Cutesykink

Fairy Kei is super sweet and innocent, outfits are made from pastel colours decorated with baby motifs, angels and unicorns and all things cute and kawaii.

Candy Rain by Cutesykink

The Hime Gyaru girl wears dresses or skirts in pink and pastel shades with lace and bows. Floral patterns, pearls and crown motifs are also commonly accessorized with this style. Hair accessories include large bows with pearls floral accents. 

Mori (森) girl is also a style that features prominently in the Candy Rain ranges. Mori in Japanese means forest, so commonly features floral patterns and earthy tones. It is often more vintage and classic Parisian in style.

We have in stock a large variety of Candy Rain styles and are the UK's only official stockist of this brand. We are delighted to see Cutesykink featured on the catwalk at Hyper Japan 2015 displaying some of our range of Candy Rain.  If you are looking for something amazing and different to what is on offer in the UK high street take a stroll through our Candy Rain category.


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