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Fairy Kei all the way. Let's take cute into the next realm!

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So we are starting to head towards Spring....

Ok ok, it's still Winter I know. However, as we are going into February my thoughts start turning to the warmer weather and bringing out the season-appropriate clothing and colours. That means one thing.

Fairy kei

girls wearing fairy kei clothing

As you know, here at CutesyKink we love everything cute and Kawaii. Fairy Kei is up there!

Fairy Kei was born around 10 years ago and there is some debate around where it came from. It's rumoured that it was inspired by Spank!.This is a retro 80's shop which was opened by Sayuri Tabuchi in Koenji, Tokyo around the same time as Fairy Kei became popular. Although elements of the 80's are used in Fairy Kei, Spank! fashion is purely based around the 80's whereas Fairy Kei is a fusion.

So what IS Fairy Kei? It's purely a mix of different j-fashion genres such as Sweet Lolita and Decora. The sweet elements such as pastel colours, bows and cute prints are mixed with Decora, which throws in the layers, accessories and adds the casual look. 

ttwo girls wearing decora clothing + sweet lolita girls in harajuku = girls wearing fairy kei clothes in harajuku

A very loose example here but mixing Decora (first picture) with Sweet Lolita (second picture) results in the fabulously cute Fairy Kei as illustrated in the third and final picture.

You can see the elements from both in the final picture. You'll notice there's no legwarmers in any of the pictures. Many images I have seen of J-fashion don't contain legwarmers, at most I've seen the baggy socks that are Kogal (schoolgirl) inspired. Again, whether the legwarmers are a Spank! inspired addition or a Western thing, they still look uber cute. I love seeing the difference between Japanese fashion and Western interpretation.

With the introduction of the OTT phrase ('over the top') it can be difficult to distinguish between Decora and Fairy Kei. None have hard and fast rules as Lolita does, the colours and materials can usually distinguish whats what. Fairy Kei uses only pastel colours and lighter fabrics such as tulle and cotton. Sallopettes can be worn too, a light pinafore type skirt with a bib front. Decora are nearly always vibrant to dark colours.

portrait of girl wearing fairy kei clothes

What do I love about Fairy Kei? Everything! It's cute, fresh and versatile. You can alter your dress according to the seasons and occasion. You can theme your outfit around your fave characters or print. I love Hello Kitty and stars, so I usually have a fluffy star clip hanging from my tutu or a head covered in every single Hello Kitty clip I own (and believe me, thats a LOT!). Because it features pastel colours, you don't need a massive wardrobe as it's so easy to mix and match. I often use my Sweet accessories to jazz up my outfit. Anybody can wear it too. You can go as OTT or muted as you like. Me? I always go overboard.

If you fancy a go, here's what you may need:

  • A t-shirt which is plain or with a cute print on it such as unicorns or teddy bears. MUST be Kawaii!
  • A tutu or skirt which has a cute pattern. Skirt must be a circular one for flare, pleated or ruffled. A pencil or straight shirt isn't ideal. Must be above the knee but not too short!
  • Skinny jeans if you prefer.
  • Plain coloured tights. Leggings can be worn if preferred.
  • Plain or theme matching pattern socks. Sock height according to season.
  • Shoes. A cute little flatform trainer is nice or a dolly shoe.
  • Cardigan or hooded sweatshirt, again according to season.
  • ACCESSORIES!! Hair clips, bows, bangles, bracelets, rings, hair bands. Shapes such as stars, hearts, rainbows, kawaii characters, sweets, pom poms etc.

There are a couple of rules for the above. MUST be pastel colours such as lemon yellow, baby pink, baby blue, mint green, lilac etc. Also if you have a pattern, match it throughout your clothing. Plain clothing is acceptable as you can accessorise it up.

Ok, so throw it all on. I mean it, just go for it! There's not a lot you can get wrong with Fairy Kei, just think cute and pastel. Mix it up til you feel happy with the results. Baggy clothes are fine, it's better baggy than tight. Fitted is ok, just not tight. All pastel colours look good together, too. It's easy eh? So are you ready?

fairy kei girl and boy gang

Now off you go....AND BE KAWAII!!! Yes, that includes the boys too!:) 

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