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Date A Live: Spirits are cute too!

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What if in order to save the world from destructive anomalies called 'spacequakes' you had to make adorable spirit girls fall in love with you? Well, that's just what Shido has to do in the anime Date A Live.

These Spirits each have different abilities, but all of these abilities can cause destruction if the spirit girls' emotions run too high. To combat this threat, there are two options. To destroy them, which is what the military organization "AST" is trying to do with it's squadrons of mecha ladies. Or for Shido to teach them love and let them know there is a place they belong on this planet.

The anime itself spans a variety of genres which makes it appealing to a broader audience. From flashy action scenes to romance. From magic powers to the power of friendship. This series seems to have it all and presents it in an adorable, moe fashion. 

                      Date A Live Alive Tohka Yoshino Yoshinon Kurumi Kotori Spirit Girls Cute Anime Moe Waifu

On top of the variety in what the setting has to offer, Date A Live has a cast you find yourself growing fond of. Shido Itsuka is an awkward but fairly normal high school boy who after being thrown into the fray, realizes he'd do anything to help these misunderstood spirits. His adoptive sister Kotori is bubbly yet certainly no pushover and runs the organization responsible for having Shido approach these spirits in the first place. Shido's classmate Origami Tobiichi is the quiet brainy type though when you see her fighting with the rest of AST you might think twice before calling her any names.

When it comes to the spirits, Tohka comes off as standoffish at first but we soon learn she's energetic and a huge fan of food. Yoshino on the other hand, is a shy and sweet spirit girl who's very attached to her rabbit puppet Yoshinon. Later they meet Kurumi who comes across sultry and incredibly twisted, her dark hair covering one eye and smile too saccharine to be trusted. The spirit girls look different when battling than they do otherwise, sometimes to the point that AST members do not recognize them as 'threats' anymore.

To seal these girls' powers, Shido must take them out on a date and weigh the options of what to say so that he can make them fall in love with this world, or at least understand that they are no longer alone. The final step is literally 'sealing it with a kiss', which transfers their spirit powers into himself, so that they do not continue to destroy the earth. The way he does this ends up looking like a real-life simulation of dating sim games, except his choices are transmitted to him through an ear piece. 

For those who are looking for a series with action, friendship, romance and more look no further than Date A Live. As long as you don't mind a panty shot or five this series has beautiful art, relationships that don't quite fit the typical cookie cutters and a journey you'll find yourself wanting to walk with these characters.

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