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Cutesy Creations

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From pastels and cute animals to bubbly prints and frills that would make any princess proud, kawaii fashion is a fun and playful trend that continues to grow. With eyes as bright as the things they love, those who enjoy kawaii culture enjoy displaying and sharing that adoration in fun and individual ways. Feeby Neko of NekoCreations, has an appreciation of brightly coloured hair, cat ears, and an artistic flare for bringing the kawaii in her mind to life for us all to see. 

   'Seraphina And The Oooberries'  by Feeby Neko                                                                   'Tsuki Aiko' (Bunny Blue Moon) by Feeby Neko

Feeby Neko is a hardworking 26 year old with a passion for kawaii art, her cats and colourfully dyed hair. She draws a lot of inspiration from the positive energy of the local anime convention community where many people know her as a bubbly person who can't help but talk about the things she loves. 

The art she creates ranges in theme from soft cute things, to more detailed pieces with vivid colour and even darker pieces which set a tone filled with emotion. This sort of range makes her versatile in what types of art pieces she can create, though she has a penchant toward chibi characters with sweet rounded features and bright colours. Regardless of style, Feeby Neko hopes to be able to create art that can cheer up others and possibly help those suffering various sorts of trauma be able to get back on their feet again and look at the world in a positive light. 

           Feeby Neko NekoCreations Alpaca Girl Lolita Kawaii T-shirt Ice Cream Cute              Alpaca Girl Anime Chibi Ice Cream Lolita Kawaii Pastel Cute Cutesy Kink CutesyKink Neko Creations NekoCreations FeebyNeko
           Feeby Neko of NekoCreations wearing the Alpaca Girl shirt.                                         A close up on part of the design.

The first time CutesyKink and NekoCreations came together was with this adorable art of an alpaca girl in a lolita dress tripping into a sweet looking cup of ice cream. With pastels, a sweet treat and an even sweeter character, what's not to love? Both parties were pleased with the outcome and she was promptly put onto t-shirts as well as a matching tote bag.

After the alpaca girl, CutesyKink once again collaborated with NekoCreations but this time on a bigger scale. "Nyan Nyan", a new petite fashion line was hurrying out and all it needed was a brand. Coming in an array of soft colors, Nyan Nyan brings affordable and adorable clothing to the market under a very feline-themed label. 

The background for many of Nyan Nyan's products is a tea party with cupcakes, balloons and little cat chibis who seem to enjoy getting into trouble and taking naps around the scenery. Topped off with a business sign that also serves as the clothing brand's tag, this soft yet sweet look matches the fashion it highlights. 


Outside of her work with CutesyKink, Feeby Neko makes anime style art for necklaces, charms and other products featuring her art. She is excited to have finally opened up her own website at NekoCreations.com!

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