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BJDs Have a Life of Their Own

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They say that 'eyes are the window to the soul'. We can learn a lot just by looking into someone's eyes and taking in the things that make that person themselves. A person's expression and the look in their eyes may tell us their demeanor, what they like, what makes them uncomfortable or an abundance of other things. 

I began to think more and more about this after my lovely BJD Hibiki came in the mail this December after waiting six months for his arrival. When he looked up at me with his clear red and black eyes I realized something. A color that most would think gothic or possibly evil met my gaze and the first thoughts running through my mind were sweet or innocent. 

To quickly break down what a BJD is for those who are unfamiliar with the term, it stands for Ball Jointed Doll. They are fairly realistic dolls with ball joints and a huge range of motion very similar to that of a human being. Their shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, hips, heads...If you can move it, it's likely these dolls can too. Some people even buy jointed hands for them. They aren't mass produced and must be strung to keep form. But due to this stringing, they can even stand on their own! The bottom line is- these are dolls that let us explore creativity and make great companions.

Some styles of Lolita fashion compare themselves to dolls, and these dolls are comparable to humans. So it's no surprise that some Lolitas can be seen holding these lovely dolls and even dressing up alongside them. Other types of people who might have them are authors, artists, cosplayers or really anyone who has the creative urge for one. 

           Hibiki BJD Ball Jointed Doll Love Kaja Neko JohnNeko               Hibiki BJD Doll Love Kaja Ball Jointed Doll Neko JohnNeko
              Hibiki is a Doll Love Kaja                                                                                      Hibiki standing up on his own in front of the Christmas Tree!

Having arrived in December, of course I took Hibiki to my family Christmas and his eyes seemed to light up at the decorations. Sure, you could say it was the reflections of light bouncing off the surface of his pretty glass orbs. But a part of me likes the idea of him being so excited to celebrate the holiday. 

Speaking of the holidays! I got a game that I had wanted for a while that features the premise of a girl's BJDs all becoming human. The game, Nameless: ~The one thing you must recall~, has five doll characters who the heroine purchased at different times to stave off her loneliness. Now having them as humans she realized both how some things about her beloved dolls were different than she imagined and how some things were exactly the same. 

This too can pertain to people we meet and befriend. Yes, there are many things we know by seeing a person on the surface. Below the surface however are even more things to know. Sometimes we may not be proud of every facet of ourselves but those flaws and perks combine to make who we are. 

As I played this game I couldn't help continuing to look over at Hibiki who was sitting patiently on his bed. I brought him closer, letting his legs hang off the edge of his shelf as I continued on. There were parts of the game that became incredibly emotional. Once without even thinking I took his small hand in mine and felt comforted. I wasn't alone. Feeling all these emotions and knowing there was someone there to ground me and remind me I was alright...that was a strange yet welcome feeling. While I played, his eyes went from an appearance of innocence to almost that of sadness or pity as if he honestly knew how I was feeling and wished he could do something about it. 

There are many things that can be taken from BJDs in this case. These 'blank canvases' who we give life and love to. Who sit by our sides and hold our hands if we need them. Who watch over us in our everyday lives. Who ask nothing from us yet have the capacity to enrich our lives. 

Nameless The One You Must Recall BJD Ball Jointed Dolls Game Lance Red Tei Yuri Tei-san Yeon-Ho
The characters from NAMELESS: ~The One Thing You Must Recall~ by Cheritz as BJDs.

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