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Happy New Year from Cutesykink

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We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and give a big thanks for all your custom over 2015 :).  Oh, and we hope you all had a great Kawaiimas!

We would love to hear how 2015 was for you and what resolutions you are making for 2016. For us, the most exciting news of all has been the opening of our shop!  That's right - if you didn't know already we have opened our very own kawaii shop.

Gracing the streets of Portchester, Hampshire is our shop full of cute Japanese clothes, accessories, bags, toys, stationery, anime and a whole lot more. Shelves filled with plushies, pens, erasers, bags, t shirts, hoodies and many items exclusive to our shop that are not available on our website.

The shop is adorned with pastel shades, even the floor is cute, and some amazing artwork by Rosuuri fills our shop window.  Check out the pictures below for a mere glimpse of what we have in store. A visit to our new shop is a must have entry in your 2016 diary.

See you soon xx

Cutesykink shop at 88 West Street, Portchester, Hampshire PO16 9UQ

Cutesykink kawaii shop window

loads of kawaii stationery at Cutesykink shop

more cute stationery at Cutesykink

kawaii clothing at Cutesykink's shop

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